Yes, we are in stealth, so I have to choose carefully what I write about...still, I am happy to kick off our blog!
I am often asked about our name: shoes & ships.

When we decided to look for a name for the company, I wanted to find an evocative name - not something that describes what we do, since this meant using words that are too often used by online companies - but a name like Google, Apple or Amazon which can assume a life of its own and help us create a brand.

In Lewis Carroll's poem "The Walrus and The Carpenter"  (Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There), the walrus, who goes for a walk on the beach with the carpenter, says at some point:
"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--
Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling hot--
And whether pigs have wings."

And since we are about conversation - talking of many things - it only seemed right to call our company "shoes & ships".But as with any good name, others have found their own reason why our company should be called "shoes & ships": as we are all about conversation, the use of real words (rather than new, made-up ones) represents our values well. Someone else have noticed that both shoes and ships are used for exploration and travel. 
For me, at this point, the most important thing was that the name is memorable, attention grabbing and easy to spell. Anyone who hears it wants to know what it's all about and can easily find our site.
8/10/2011 05:03:52 pm

"The time has come" - congrats!

9/19/2013 05:08:40 pm

Congratulations for the nice post.

9/23/2013 03:24:30 am

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